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Delivery Platform Q&A

Frequently asked questions about using our platform for your delivery services.

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Organising Runs

A customer group is a group that you have created (when logged in your account) that allows customers to follow and then be notified of any new runs you're planning for that group.

For example, you might create a group called "Residents of ABC Apartments". If you create a new run to these apartments, we'll automatically notify all group members of the new run.

You can create as many groups as you want.

If a customer orders from a run that is linked to a group, they will automatically be joined to ensure they get notified of your other runs.

If you find that someone ignores your delivery zone instructions you can reject the order. You'll be asked to give a reason for the rejection which is passed on to the customer.

If you are rejecting an order after last orders has been called then please ensure you contact your vendor to confirm they have noticed the change.

You can schedule runs up to 30 days in advance.

When using run templates for regular weekly or daily runs you'll be prompted to set up a new run when you complete the previous one.

If you find that no one has ordered on your run you can simply press the cancel run button.

cancel run

You will have to look at why no one has ordered. Ask yourself...

  • How did you promote the run?
  • Were the timings of the run okay?
  • Was the delivery charge too much?


Menus & Prices

You can build your own menu yourself on our platform. It’s very easy and quick to do.

If you have a complicated menu with multiple options, sizes, extras and addons we can add this for you*.

(*charges may apply).


You can make a change to your menu 24/7 in your vendor portal.

  1. Log in to your vendor portal at from any internet enabled device (tablet, mobile phone).
  2. Navigate to the Menus & Prices section
  3. Update the sections or items you want to change.

Yes, simply...

  1. Log in to your vendor portal at from any internet enabled device (tablet, mobile phone).
  2. Navigate to the Specials section
  3. Add your special including date, name, description and price.

If you have regular specials on regular days of the week, we can schedule these on your main menu so you don't have to keep adding them yourself. Complete a Menu Change Request with the details and we'll sort it for you.

If you run out of stock of a particular item, you can pause the item in your menu manager. You can also add a message displayed to anyone who is yet to order from your menu. Simply...

  1. Log in to your venbdor portal at from any internet enabled device (tablet, mobile phone).
  2. Navigate to the Public Messages section
  3. Add a message to explain what is unavailable.

We'll remind you of your messages on the homepage so you can remove it when the item returns to stock.

We display the following message when any user is placing an order.

ALLERGENS – All our vendors can provide allergen information. Please call [your number] BEFORE YOU ORDER if you have an allergy and need to know the ingredients of their foods.

Holidays & Closures

Yes, simply...

  1. Log in to your vendor portal at from any internet enabled device (tablet, mobile phone).
  2. Navigate to the Holidays & Closures section
  3. Update your opening hours.

When you register as a Vendor, we'll ask you if you are closed on national holidays. You can change this setting at any time in the Holidays & Closures section.

You can tell us about any specific dates you are closed in the Holidays & Closures section and we'll block new runs on that date.

If you have any live runs already created, you'll need to contact the runner to tell them you'll now be closed on that date.

We suggest maintaining these dates as far in advance as you can to stop the need for this to happen.


Money & Finance

There are no fixed fees for being registered as a vendor on our platform.

We charge a commission fee which is 10%* of any orders that you receive through our platform. We'll invoice and deduct this fee from your account before we send you the money for your orders.

Any other service that we charge for will be explained prior to any agreement.

* Excluding Taxes

Our weekly cycle runs from a Monday and ends at midnight on a Sunday evening.

On a Monday morning we calculate payments and invoices as a single total for all orders received the previous week.

We then schedule the transfer of money due to you for the following Monday.


You will find a full breakdown of all your account transactions including your invoices in the Finance section of this website.


  1. Log in to your vendor portal at from any internet enabled device (tablet, mobile phone).
  2. Navigate to the Finance section.
  3. Click on any invoice to download a PDF.


Other Stuff

If you'd like to cancel your account please contact us using the details on this website. We'll be sorry to see you leave but we understand we're not everyone's cup of tea.

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