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We offer one of the most rewarding referral schemes in the business.

Earn unlimited ongoing commission from all platform fees paid by any vendor you introduce to us... for life!

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First Things First... We're Different

Our platform doesn't provide an on-demand service where customers order their food and expect delivery as soon as possible. No... it allows vendors to organise pre-planned food delivery runs to specific areas at specific days and times of the week.

They're saying to their customers... we’re delivering to your postcode this Thursday at 2pm. Do you want to place an order?

How it works


Create An Account

Create an account on our platform (if you don't have one already) and collect your unique referral link.


Attract Food Vendors

Refer vendors via your link or use our creative library to help. Refer everyone from takeaways to butchers, fishmongers to pizza parlours. Anyone who wants to deliver food.


Collect Your Cash

Receive your commission on any platform fees we receive from referred vendors.

Oh yes... have we mentioned that everything is done online and you could be up and running within minutes!

Read Our Guide

Please take a few minutes to read our "Getting Started" guide. It’s a step by step walk through to help you get started.

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Want to know more?

Everything you need to know about our referral scheme from linking to payments.

Questions Answered

Why Join Our Referral Scheme

Referral Your Way

Leverage social media, personal contacts, industry connections and good old-fashioned relationship skills to attract new vendors to our platform.

Industry Leading Platform

Unlike others, our platform works well for any food retailer. There is nothing else like us in the market. You’ll be promoting something unique.

Generous Commissions

We pay you a generous percentage of ALL platform fees we receive from vendors you refer.

Ongoing Income

We pay you commission FOR LIFE. Keep referring vendors and your money will just keep growing every week. No limits!

Cash, Not Rewards

We believe that cash is King (or Queen), so we allow our referrers to withdraw their commissions to their nominated bank account.

Marketing Toolbox

We provide a full digital creative toolbox with everything from images for use on social media to adverts for your website. View The Toolbox Here

Online 24/7

We're online 24/7, so you can promote us at your leisure. Do as much or as little as you want.

Up & Running in Minutes

We've made it easy so you could be up and running within minutes.

Get Started Now

No technical knowledge required. We simply need a few details to get you started and you can start making referrals within minutes.

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