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Runner Q&A

Frequently asked questions about being a runner.

Customer Q&A

Organising Runs

Creating a new run is really easy.

  1. Select your retailer from the homepage dropdown.
  2. Set the run date, last orders time, tip level and a couple of other details.
  3. Tell your friends & colleagues about your run.

It's as easy as that.

The chances are they have not registered as one of our vendors.

If this is the case, please talk to them and ask them to register.

You could also print out this request form (Click Here To Download) and pass it on to them next time you go in.

You cannot organise runs to vendors who have not joined us yet.

If they have registered, then they may be in the process of adding their menu to our systems. Check again after a few days.

You may want to double check that they have registered with us.

You will need to add the vendor to your vendor connections. You'll see the button to do this on the vendor details page.

You can set up your run up to 30 days in advance.

You can decide to set yourself a tip that is charged to everyone that orders on your run.

Think of it as your incentive and motivation to do all the hard work for them. 

Any tips are credited to your account (once the run is completed) for future use on your own personal orders.

Placing Run Orders


You must ensure you place the order with your vendor yourself. This will be up to you to work out with your vendor.

We do this to ensure that even the smallest of vendors can work with us. Some of them don't want to have to stare at a screen all day looking out for orders when they are busy working preparing food.

You can see the full details of your run order by logging into the website and navigating to your run.

You may choose to print this out or just view it on your computer or mobile screen.

The PICKUP code is your ticket to receive the run order. You may be asked for this by your vendor when collecting an order.

Each run is given its own code, so keep it safe as sharing it could mean someone else collects your order without you knowing.

If you encounter a problem when placing your run order, you'll need to work out a solution with the vendor and/or the person who placed the order.

Problems are usually connected to out of stock issues in which case we suggest you agree a replacement item.

Orders cannot be changed or reversed once paid for on our website.

In the unlikely event that a vendor is unable to accept the order at that moment, we suggest agreeing an alternative date to supply the order. (You should be able to adjust the date of your run yourself on our website.)

If there is a serious problem such as the vendor going out of business or being unwilling to fulfil the order, please contact us with the problem and the RUN#. In these cases we may be able to reverse the order and credit everyones account for future use.

Collection & Delivery

Every Vendor is different, and some may offer a delivery service when orders are over a certain value. You will need to organise any deliveries with the Vendor yourself.


Do not pay for the run order yourself as we pass on the money each individual paid to the Vendor.

You will have to pay for any extra items that you add to the order once at the vendors premises.

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