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ProRunner Q&A

Frequently asked questions about being a ProRunner.

Getting Started

Almost anyone can become a ProRunner on our platform. You just need your own transport, a willingness to build and manage your own runs and a desire to earn some decent money.

You also need to be over 18 and in the UK.

ProRunning is designed for:

  • Existing food couriers who work for other brands and want to have a number of high paying runs to increase their income.
  • Students and young people who want to earn more than a minimum wage.
  • Anyone who wants to top up their normal income with a few evening runs.


You'll need your own transport, an active email address and mobile phone number. Everything is managed through this website so you'll need a smartphone with internet connection to access your delivery instructions and other tools.

Oh yes... you'll need a willingness to build your own food runs.

NO, Anyone registered as runner is essentially a self-employed individual.

We are a technology platform that enables you to organise and run your own food delivery runs.

Drivers are other people you use to deliver your runs.

Drivers are used to expand your delivery business and you recruit and organise them to make deliveries on your behalf.

You can add drivers to your account and assign runs to them.

Once assigned they can log in to our website (Driver Login Link) to pick up their delivery instructions.


This is entirely up to you, it's your decision. You may decide just to run for a few hours a week, especially if you're averaging £40-£50 an hour. Or you may decide to organise and manage runs 7 days a week. It's your choice.

YES. In the UK you should really have a special insurance cover for courier / food deliveries. This ensures you are covered in the event of an accident.

There are many providers which can be found online including some PAYG and monthly policies.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure you have the correct cover.

No, you can decide to use other drivers and just become the co-ordinator of your runs. Driver have their own log-in to this website so they can collect their delivery instructions.

You deal with any payments or sharing of delivery fees with them individually. We don’t get involved with this.

Run Building

Food runs can be successful in a variety of locations. There are no set rules but here are some examples of possible locations:

  • Local housing estates/developments with a condensed population.
  • Apartment blocks and flats with many residents.
  • Out of town villages where the distance is too far for normal (single drop) delivery services.
  • Business centres and office buildings with workers (breakfast & lunch runs).
  • Student residence blocks for later evening / night runs.

You'll know your areas. Remember to think about choice when choosing vendors and food styles. You can even run multiple versions of the same run just at different times.

Ideally you want the greatest number of potential customers in the smallest geographic area.

Once you have identified your run location you'll need to think about the food and vendors you'll offer. They should be close together so pickups don't take too long but we're sure you'll work all this out for yourself.

Explain to your potential vendor what you're planning and tell them to register on this website and add their menu.

It costs the vendor nothing to register but we do take a 10% platform commission from every order. This is what pays for all the wonderful technology and the team to keep the lights on.

If you would like to make any additional deals with your vendor (e.g. kickback) that's entirely up to you. We don't get involved with that.

You can take a look at our vendor information by clicking here.

A customer group is a group that you have created (when logged in your account) that allows customers to follow and then be notified of any new runs you're planning for that group.

For example, you might create a group called "Residents of ABC Apartments". If you create a new run to these apartments, we'll automatically notify all group members of the new run.

You can create as many groups as you want.

If a customer orders from a run that is linked to a group, they will automatically be joined to ensure they get notified of your other runs.

There are various ways to promote your runs. These include:

Runner Postcards
We can provide you with postcards which you can drop in the area you are wanting to deliver too. They include a space to write your runner ID# so potential customers can find you quickly on the website.

Online Social Groups
In many areas you'll find residents social groups for an area. You may be able to post a message to promote your runs.

Word Of Mouth
You'll soon find that neighbours or people that work together are quick to recommend good ideas to each other. Remember, for multi pickup runs you have something other delivery companies can't offer.

Managing & Completing Runs

Everything is managed through this website. Once you're logged in you'll see the link to start a new run. You then decide on the following:

  • The run name and a short description (optional).
  • The vendors you're picking up from.
  • Delivery Zone / Location.
  • The date and last orders time.
  • Pickup time and delivery window.
  • Maximum number of orders.
  • Your delivery charge for each order.
  • Any additional settings such as customer group.

So as an example, a run might look something like this.

Name: Pizza, Chinese or Fish & Chips
Description: Whatever you've got a taste for, I've got you covered.
Vendors: ABC Pizza Co., Zing Vaa Chinese Restaurant and South Sea Fish & Chip Shop
Delivery Location: The Big Apartment Block, NW18
Dates: 21st Jan 2020. Last orders 4pm. Pickups start at 6pm and expected delivery within a 30 minute window.
Max Orders: 10
Delivery Charge: £3

For your regular runs you can create a template, so all the details are added in a single click.

It is your choice to set your delivery charge for each run. Remember this charge is paid by customers for each order no matter how many vendors they order from (that's the bit that helps you stand out from the crowd).

The amount you decide should be determined by a number of factors such as:

  • How far you're traveling from pickups to drop zone.
  • The average order value you'd expect with the type of food delivered
  • The desire of your customers to have food delivered

Some examples:

A lunch time fish and chip run to an office building may only be attractive at £1 delivery charge (per order) as fish and chips only cost customers £6-7. This can work well as you may drop 25 orders in one go and it only takes you 20 minutes to complete.

In contrast, an evening takeaway run to a village that has no takeaways may command a £5 delivery charge. The average spend will be a lot higher so the charge will be proportionate and the convenience for the customer makes it attractive. This also works well as although it may take 40 mins to complete, 10 orders would mean £50 in delivery charges.


As the name suggests a Run Template allows you quickly create a new run using a template set of details.

They are very important for ProRunners to use as they are displayed when potential customers search for runs in their area.

Everything is managed through this website. When you log in you'll see your personalised homepage and menus.

We have put together a gallery of screen shots here.


You will see a driver login link at the bottom of the website, or alternatively they can visit the login page direct at

If you find that someone ignores your delivery zone instructions you can reject the order. You'll be asked to give a reason for the rejection which is passed on to the customer.

If you are rejecting an order after last orders has been called then please ensure you contact your vendor to confirm they have noticed the change.

Yes, vendors can see the orders growing when they are logged in to the website. We also send them a notification once last orders has been called.

We do however strongly suggest you work closely with your vendors especially at first to ensure they are viewing and preparing orders for the correct time. Don't take it for granted at first that they have picked up the order.

When completing a run you need to use the delivery instructions page on your mobile device.

Delivery Instructions

This page tells you all the pickup and drop off locations on your run. Each time you complete a pick up or drop off you'll need to indicate this with the buttons provided.

Confirm Pick Up Confirm Drop off

Please ensure you do this at all times. Runners who do not complete these actions are in danger of their accounts being suspended.

You can schedule runs up to 30 days in advance.

When using run templates for regular weekly or daily runs you'll be prompted to set up a new run when you complete the previous one.

If you find that no one has ordered on your run you can simply press the cancel run button.

cancel run

You will have to look at why no one has ordered. Ask yourself...

  • How did you promote the run?
  • Were your vendors the right selection?
  • Were the timings of the run okay?
  • Was the delivery charge too much?


Other Questions

Delivery charges are credited to your account once a run is complete and are available for withdrawal after 7 days.

You will notice we take a small commission (10%) from these charges to help pay for the platform and keep the lights on in the office.

You can request a withdrawal to a UK bank account at any time and our accounts team will process your request.

If a cusrtomer has a problem with their food we encourage them to contact the vendor directly.

If they have a problem with the delivery we ask them to contact you the runner.

If they need technical support for the website we point them to our tech support team.

What Next?

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