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Frequently asked questions about our service.

Runner Q&A

Ordering Food

Ordering food is simple and easy.

  1. Enter the RUN# in the search box or follow a link in a notification.
  2. Make your selections and add them to your cart, when finished move on to checkout.
  3. If you're a new user you'll be able to create an account at the checkout.
  4. Pay for your order (you're given a choice of payment options depending on your account balance).
  5. Receive your order confirmation.

As easy as that.

This is the latest you can add an order to a food run (on the day of the run). Please ensure you complete your order before this time.

All our vendors are able to provide ingredients and allergen details for their food. When ordering you'll be able to see their contact details so you can ask them yourself. 

Please make sure you CHECK DIRECTLY if eating certain foods can cause you problems.

Unfortunately, once you have placed and payed for your order you cannot change it.

You are welcome to contact the runner or vendor directly and discuss your options with them.

Paying For Food

Paying for your food is done via our third party merchant provider Stripe. You'll be redirected to the payment screen at checkout. Stripe accept all major credit and debit cards.

You also have the option to top up your account for a quicker checkout in the future.

When you checkout we offer you the opportunity to top up your account so you can enjoy a quicker checkout in the future. This is very useful if you are regularly ordering food. You can use your account balance top pay for any orders placed through MUNCHRUNNERS no matter who is organising the run or the vendor.

Receiving Your Food

The details of when you receive your food depends on your runners plans. Please speak to your runner if you need any clarity on this.

If you have a problem with your order, your first port of call is your runner. Speak to them about the problem and resolve the issue. You could also contact the vendor directly and talk to them about any issues.

Account Management

Runners can use groups to organise their runs. It means we can send notifications to members of the group letting them know a new run has been created.

If you order food from a run that is part of a group you will automatically be added to that group for future notifications.

You can manage your group memberships by logging into your account and click on the group membership link in the main menu.

You can change your personal details at any time by logging into your account and clicking on the Your Settings link in the main menu.

What Next?

Runner ID number?

Find your local runner using their runner ID number.

Vendor ID Number?

Find your local vendor using their vendor ID number.

Search for runs in your area

Mum wants Chinese, Dad wants Indian and the kids want pizza. How about all on the same order and delivery? Take a look and see what's running in your area.

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